KMA is a mother/daughter team based in Jerusalem. Lynda Fox and her daughter Elana Zeevi made Aliyah in 1997. Having to manage their own apartments and homes in both Israel and the US, Lynda and Elana have developed a process that will ensure that your property in Israel is given the best of care and attention, tailored to your specific needs.  

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  It all began..........
When we learned of the bad experiences and difficulties that many of our friends and others were having when coming into their apartments, such as walking into a flooded living room, finding that they had no heat or electricity or that their phone service had been disconnected, we decided it was time to offer an alternative. We offer to you our high standards of maintenance, the standards we set for our own homes, and the same professionals we use in our homes, for yours. With years of experience in dealing with local vendors, banks and building management, we know what it takes to ensure that your investment is protected and maintained cost effectively.

At KMA we want to make sure your stay in Israel is truly a vacation. We will prepare your home for your arrival according to your needs, as well as close up when you leave. These services can include stocking your shelves and fridge, ordering your catered meals for the chagim, cleaning, doing the laundry when you leave, and all the other chores involved in coming and going!
If you are in the market for a home in Israel, KMA will provide assistance throughout the entire process from helping you find your ideal property to decorating and furnishing. This includes guiding you through all the formalities of buying a home in Israel. At KMA we will oversee renovations, guide you in setting up utilities and long-term maintenance.